Chief Operating Officer/ Project Executive at Coulter Construction, Inc.

For most of us, we work, eat, sleep and repeat. And of course, look forward to the weekends to be able to unwind and relax. Unfortunately, if you are like me, you also work on the weekends. That is my time to get caught up on “my” items since I am always so busy during the week working on other items. And, as much as I preach to my team about a work/life balance, I somehow think it is ok for me not to follow those rules. 

It took my CEO to tell me over the weekend to go on vacation. To take the time away to relax, calm and enjoy. My immediate response is “I can’t”. That is when it hit me; for all the hard work I have put into my team, I actually can go on a trip. After all, I have shown them how to problem solve and prioritize and I trust them. 

So, I am planning on some time away, only a few days at first, with my laptop and phone for emergencies. I am also taking this time to try to get back to my basic principle that work is at work and home is at home. A mentor of mine about 15 years ago once said it is like wearing different hats and that there is a hat rack at every front door. You hang up one hat and put on the other. But, for some reason, I wasn’t hanging up my work hat when I walk into my front door at home. I needed to set boundaries.

You need boundaries to achieve balance between your personal and professional lives. I should know this, I am a Libra. I do have trouble overcoming the guilt of working long hours and accepting the need for individual personal time. I trust my team and learned that I can outsource more of my duties to free up some of that time. 

They all say it is all a balance. However, I know with certain roles, the weight is shifted based on need and demand. I believe I am at a better place now and have a trusted team and support group to where I can push the scale the other way now and balance it a little better than I have.